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About Us

Sanyi Aeronautics Technology Co.,Ltd is devoted to designing and manufacturing advanced small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles System (UAVS) for civil areas. We have a research group including two professors, five associate professors, and about 30 PhD graduates in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province and a large manufactory of over 1800 square kilometers in Nantong, Jiangsu Province.

Relying on Northwestern Polytechnical University(NWPU),which is famous for aviation in domestic, our company has become China’s leading mini Unmanned Aerial Vehicle R & D of flapping wing UAV and Roll wing UAV. Our core staff have carried out collaborative research with German Aerospace Academy from 2000 to now and have establish a solid cooperative relationship. Our flapping wing unmanned aircraft, which is researched and developed by ourselves, with total weight of 230 grams, taking off by hand throwing, flying with a radius of 4km and video images can be passed back in real time, is currently the unique flapping wing aircraft which achieve to fly autonomous flight routes internationally. Roll wing unmanned aircraft, developed by ourselves, is the first on in the world achieving steady-state roll wing unmanned aircraft flight, and attended 2013 Annual International MAV(IMAV2013) contest and won the special innovative design award issued by the Airbus, this is the first time that Chinese team winning the game.

With the Best-in-class R&D team, manufactory resources and advanced aerial technology, Sanyi creates custom solutions unmatched in the industry. Let us develop a custom solution to meet your specific needs and put the power of small UAV to work for you.